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Produced Work


SHITHEADS - Azuka Theatre, 2017

The best 90 minutes you’ll spend in a theater this year.
— Philadelphia Magazine


"One of the most assured and complete premieres of a play I've ever seen."

-Broad Street Review

"Terrific--endearing, funny, with a depth of character that is absolutely compelling."


"An excellent, highly enjoyable play."



Bert's Bikes and Sports, a down-and-out bike shop in lower Manhattan, is on its last leg. Customers have vanished, the shop across the street is poaching their best mechanics, and the new guy they just hired doesn't even own a bike. Now that Alex has finally been promoted to manager, he'll need to get creative in order to save the shop he loves -- and he just so happens to have an idea that could bring Bert's back from the dead...

BREATHE SMOKE - Orbiter 3, 2016

A daring and inventive play.
— Broad Street Review


"BREATHE SMOKE is a sleek, cerebral piece of inquiry into painful transitions we all must undergo."



-DC Metro Theater Arts


A controversial musician begins planning a final show that merges the boundaries between his art and his own mortality. With text and movement generated through devised workshops, Breathe Smoke moves like a pieces of music and roars like a raucous concert.

MOON CAVE - Azuka Theatre, 2015

Williams shoots for the stars — and lands.
— Philadelphia Weekly


Richard doesn't remember last night. He doesn't remember meeting Rachel, or what they talked about, or when they came back to her apartment together. So the next morning when she tells him about the things he revealed to her, secrets about a life he's been hiding for years, it begins a journey for them both into Richard's chilling past. A nuanced look at notoriety, responsibility, and living with mistakes. 



"MOON CAVE is a dark, complex drama with integrity...Douglas Williams' first professional production, and he couldn't ask for better."

-Philadelphia City Paper

"Extremely powerful...MOON CAVE is a bittersweet piece of theater that touches deeply into the idea of attempting to live with a sordid past."


"An impressive debut."

-Curtain Up


 Plate 3 Photography

Plate 3 Photography


Douglas Williams is a playwright based in Philadelphia.

Williams is the Playwright-In-Residence at Azuka Theatre and a co-founder of the acclaimed playwrights producing collective Orbiter 3. His play Shitheads (Azuka Theatre) was the winner of 4 Philadelphia Critics' Awards including Best New Play & Best Overall Production and was recommended for the Harold & Mimi Steinberg/ATCA New Play Award. Other plays include Moon Cave (Azuka Theatre) and Breathe Smoke (Orbiter 3).

Williams has had two plays developed at PlayPenn (Moon Cave, Shitheads) and currently holds a commission from Theatre Horizon. Plays have also been developed at the Great Plains Theatre Conference, Bristol Riverside Theatre, New York Theatre Experiment, Act II Playhouse, and the Philadelphia New Play Initiative. He has been a finalist for the Lark’s Playwrights Week, the Bay Area Playwrights Festival, and InterAct’s 20/20 Commission. 

Williams’ experimental and collaborative work has been produced in the SoLow Fest (Four’s the FloorSolstice) and the FringeArts Festival (Bon Iver Fights A Bear, Holly’s Dead Soldiers, Safe Space). Playwright Sam Shepard presented him with the Silver Award from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts.

Williams is a member of Azuka Theatre’s New Pages writers group, and a graduate of Temple University.


plays in development




Nell Shemely might have lucked into her job at the local seaport museum's ticketing center, but she's already over this lame shit. Not only is it boring as hell, but the blacksmith won't let her mess with his tools and her boss doesn't think she's "tour guide" material. 

Truth be told, Nell has only one true passion -- The Guinness Book of World Records. So when rumors spread that the man who tried (and failed) to grow the world's longest fingernails has moved to Nell's sleepy hometown, she becomes obsessed with tracking him down.

A new play about redemption and recovery...



Great Plains Theatre Conference PlayLab, 2018

Bristol Riverside Theatre's America Rising New Play Festival, 2016



God returned to Earth and raptured all the Republicans to heaven. Now the planet left for everyone else is not much more than an ash-heap.

A sci-fi post-apocalyptic play that is one part Blade Runner, one part Metal Gear Solid, and one part Deltron 3030 -- but funny.  


The Foundry New Play Lab, 2016

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