The Whole Damn Play

The New Play Exchange is here, and it's fucking rad! For those of you who don't know the New Play Exchange is a new tool headed by the National New Play Network for playwrights to share their work with the wider world. (And hopefully with a few literary departments as well!)

On the NPX they give you the option to post either a sample of the play or the whole text. I don't know what's kosher here, but I've always wanted to make my plays available for whoever wanted to read them -- therefore I decided to upload the WHOLE DAMN THING! Fuck samples, right? I dunno, maybe I'll go back on this someday but for now, enjoy!

New Website!

Whooooa, look at this fresh new website! My girlfriend surprised me for Christmas with this fancy new thing. Now I feel so official! R.I.P. You served me well but now it's time to grow up.

So what else is new? Well in about a month we're going to jump into rehearsals for Moon Cave at Azuka. This is my first legit / professional / this-is-a-big-deal-to-me production so I'm both terrified and elated by the idea of getting started. 

We're going to be doing some exciting stuff with Phindie, Director's Gathering, and the Philadelphia Dramatist Center leading up to opening so keep an eye out for that.

And just yesterday rehearsals began for a new project I'm devising slash writing slash some kind of mixture of the two with Kristen Bailey and Eric Wunsch. It's gonna be about science! There will probably be beer! That's pretty much all we know so far!

So anyways, welcome to the new and improved Douglas Williams website. Many many many thanks to Martha for setting this whole thing up for me. 

Doesn't it look bangarang??

Kristen and Eric, my new partners in devised-theatre-crime. And yeah that's a harp in the background.  

Kristen and Eric, my new partners in devised-theatre-crime. And yeah that's a harp in the background.