So Long Moon Cave

My first first rehearsal.

My first first rehearsal.

Wow! What a crazy, incredible ride.  I originally thought I'd be posting more about Moon Cave as rehearsals and previews and opening and closing all happened, but I totally underestimated just how much my life would be taken over by this whole process.

I learned so much from this entire process. Much of which I tried to keep track of with journal entries that were post here and here on Phindie. Both of those posts are really only a very small slice of what this entire experience has meant to me. I came into rehearsals thinking I would only be making very small changes. I was pretty positive I knew what the play was about and where it needed to go. Then, with the help of our bangarang cast, crew and the fearless leadership of our director Kevin Glaccum, we went even further -- mining for as many new and exciting ideas as we could. 

I couldn't be happier with the play and with the production. It was an incredibly positive and enlightening experience for me. Very excited to write the next one. (More to come on that soon!)

So goodbye for now Moon Cave! Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to see you again sometime soon.