SHIP Named Runner-up in ScreenCraft's Stage Play Contest


From ScreenCraft:

We are excited to announce the winner of the 2018 ScreenCraft Stage Play competition. Selected from nearly 700 entries, La Mujer Barbuda by Cristina Luzárraga has been named the winner and Ship by Douglas Williams has been named the runner-up.

La Mujer Barbuda explores the intersecting lives of two women, separated by time and space, and united in the struggle to thrive as a mother in a man’s world. Maggie is an American airline pilot and new mother. When she tries to pump breast milk in the cockpit, she almost perishes in a plane crash. Magdalena is a 17th-century Italian weaver and new mother. When she suddenly grows a beard and nurses a baby at age fifty-two, she sets off a domestic and civil crisis. The judges responded to the unique premises and gripping scenes as the parallels between the two lives unfurled.

Ship follows Nell, who has one passion in life: The Guinness Book of World Records. When a man who tried and failed to grow the longest fingernails in the world moves to her sleepy hometown, she becomes obsessed with tracking him down. The jury loved the strong motivation, as impractical as it was, that served as the motor for excellent character work.

In addition to the ScreenCraft team, the judges included: David Lindsay-Abaire, American playwright, lyricist and screenwriter, he received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2007 for his play Rabbit HoleDonald Margulies, American playwright and a professor of English and Theater Studies at Yale University. In 2000, he received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play Dinner with FriendsChloe Hung, Recipient of the RBC Emerging Playwrights Award from Tarragon Theatre, on season three of Ava DuVernay’s television series, Queen Sugar on OWN; Alex Lerner, Manager at Kaplan/Perone Entertainment, the production and management company whose clients wrote such films as Captain America: Winter SoldierThe Happytime Murders, The Disaster Artist and MilkDan Knechtges, Artistic Director of the prestigious Theatre Under the Stars based in Houston, Texas; and Justin Littman, Manager at Gotham Group, the management company whose clients have written for such television shows as Boardwalk Empire, Billions, Fresh Off the Boat and Portlandia.

Grand Prize Winner Luzárraga will receive a cash prize, circulation of her material to managers and agents, and has the option to have the play produced with ScreenCraft at a local theater in Los Angeles, with an audience of writers and entertainment industry professionals. Runner-up Williams will also receive a cash prize and have his materials circulated to industry professionals.

American Theatre Profiles Our New Writers Group

american theatre.png

American Theatre Mag with the scoop:

Azuka Theatre Announces Writers’ Program

The project, called New Pages, will support the development of new works by Philadelphia playwrights.


PHILADELPHIA: Azuka Theatre has announced a new writers’ program to support the development of new works by Philadelphia-based playwrights. The program, called New Pages, will be led by the company’s associate artistic director, Maura Krause. The initiative is funded by a grant from the Independence Foundation.

“Through New Pages, Azuka is able to help Philadelphia playwrights in the development of their work,” said artistic director Kevin Glaccum in a statement. “Instead of just sitting by waiting for them to finish a play and connect with us, we wanted to be part of the process from the start. Azuka has extensive experience in collaborating and partnering with some of these inaugural members (and other playwrights) already. Now, New Pages will help us shine the spotlight on development of new works as a year-round, every-season initiative. We strongly believe in bringing local voices to the stage, and now we can dedicate even more energy and resources to make sure they have the support they need for success.”

Inaugural member playwrights include Val Dunn, Jacqueline Goldfinger, James Ijames, Erlina Ortiz, Bruce Walsh, and Douglas Williams.

The cohort will participate in bimonthly meetings, and public readings and events. There is no expiration for membership. The theatre will provide physical resources and has committed to producing one play per season by a writer from this group for the next three years, beginning with the 2019-20 season.

“New Pages is such an exciting and game-changing group,” said Ortiz in a statement. “To be given a space without an agenda to say this is for you, how can we help you make your play the best it can be, or how can we help you continue to grow and develop as an artist. There are not too many other organizations like Azuka doing this, especially in Philadelphia.”


Damn. I fell OFF with this music posting thing. I'm still listening to an album every day though!

Below are my favorite albums I listened to this summer (not albums that were released this summer however, just albums that are new to me that I've been playing on repeat) In no particular order!

Blonde / Frank Ocean

Blonde / Frank Ocean

Wildflower / The Avalanches

Wildflower / The Avalanches

Pool / Porches

Pool / Porches

Freetown Sound / Blood Orange

Freetown Sound / Blood Orange

Blue Valentine / Tom Waits

Blue Valentine / Tom Waits

Move In Spectrums / Au Revoir Simone

Move In Spectrums / Au Revoir Simone

Prima Donna / Vince Staples

Prima Donna / Vince Staples

The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam / Thundercat

The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam / Thundercat



Burn Your Fire For No Witness / Angel Olsen

Burn Your Fire For No Witness / Angel Olsen

Rabbit Rabbit! Albums of the Month

Two months ago I started a music project where I listen to a new album everyday. It's awesome! I've come into contact with a ton of great new music already.

Today I'm looking back at some of the best albums and songs I listened to this past month. (These aren't in ranking order or anything, it's sort of just the order in which I listened to them.) Maybe I'll make this a regular first of the month kind of thing. Enjoy!

Many Moons by Martin Courtney Tracks:  Vestiges, Many Moons, Airport Bar

Many Moons by Martin Courtney
Tracks: Vestiges, Many Moons, Airport Bar

The Switch by Emily King Tracks:  Sleepwalker, Distance

The Switch by Emily King
Tracks: Sleepwalker, Distance

Do You Feel OK? by Superhumanoids Tracks:  Anxious In Venice, Touch Me, Death Rattle

Do You Feel OK? by Superhumanoids
Tracks: Anxious In Venice, Touch Me, Death Rattle

True Loves by Hooray For Earth Tracks:  Last Minute, Hotel, Black Trees

True Loves by Hooray For Earth
Tracks: Last Minute, Hotel, Black Trees

Fit Me In by Frankie Cosmos Tracks:  Korean Food, Young, O Contest Winner

Fit Me In by Frankie Cosmos
Tracks: Korean Food, Young, O Contest Winner

Here Comes Fringe...

This year FringeArts created a new arm of their annual Fringe Festival: Digital Fringe. What does a digital play even look like?

Martha Stuckey, Ilse Zoerb and I decided to find out. This year we're creating a show that takes place entirely on Instagram: @AstroJennie. Here's the blurb:

"According to the latest Congressional budget, outer space is bullshit. NASA's funding has been slashed yet again. Now, after spending the last five years living in the International Space Station, astronaut Jennie Stuart must return home to North Philly. When she arrives expecting a rousing homecoming, America's reaction is anything but gracious."

Follow @AstroJennie on Instagram to see the play!


Orbiter 3's first production: Moon Man Walk by James Ijames closes THIS WEEKEND - GET YO TICKETS WHILE THEY LAST!

Orbiter 3's first production: Moon Man Walk by James Ijames closes THIS WEEKEND - GET YO TICKETS WHILE THEY LAST!

It's summer so shit is going craz-ay around here. My PlayPenn workshop for Shitheads came and went (it was awesome!) Orbiter 3 opened its first production Moon Man Walk by James Ijames (which will be closing THIS WEEKEND!) and I'm working on two (count 'em TWO) projects with the incomparable Martha Stuckey

Trying to be better about updating this thing, more to come!

New PlayPenn Workshop For A Play With The Word Shit in the Title

Very excited to announce that my play Shitheads will be receiving a workshop with PlayPenn, culminating in a reading at the Barnes Foundation on May 18th. (That's right, we're gonna do a reading of a play called Shitheads in a fancy-schmancy museumThis play will be a part of PlayPenn's newest program of biannual workshops in partnerships with local theaters. 

Here's the synopsis for Shitheads: "In a down-and-out bike shop in lower Manhattan, three employees have just learned that if sales do not dramatically improve, Bert's Bikes and Sports will be shutting its doors forever. Now this rag-tag group of slackers and misfits must work together to keep their measly, low-wage jobs. But when each shop-rat returns to work one morning to discover that the most expensive bike in the shop has been stolen, everyone is a suspect..."

Should be a fun time! Hope you can join us on the 18th...

So Long Moon Cave

My first first rehearsal.

My first first rehearsal.

Wow! What a crazy, incredible ride.  I originally thought I'd be posting more about Moon Cave as rehearsals and previews and opening and closing all happened, but I totally underestimated just how much my life would be taken over by this whole process.

I learned so much from this entire process. Much of which I tried to keep track of with journal entries that were post here and here on Phindie. Both of those posts are really only a very small slice of what this entire experience has meant to me. I came into rehearsals thinking I would only be making very small changes. I was pretty positive I knew what the play was about and where it needed to go. Then, with the help of our bangarang cast, crew and the fearless leadership of our director Kevin Glaccum, we went even further -- mining for as many new and exciting ideas as we could. 

I couldn't be happier with the play and with the production. It was an incredibly positive and enlightening experience for me. Very excited to write the next one. (More to come on that soon!)

So goodbye for now Moon Cave! Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to see you again sometime soon. 

Orbiter 3 Indiegogo Launches!! (Is it Indie Gogo or Indiegogo?)

We are on a mission from God -- to raise $15,000 in 35 days all in the name of the American Theatre! Head over here to learn how you can help six new plays get produced in Philadelphia over the next three years. I'll be updating our progress here as the campaign continues.

Rehearsals for Moon Cave are in full swing. I'm still doing some rewrites but everything is really coming together. Can't wait to share this play. 

Roz DeKett, an Azuka board member, interviews writers for her inspiring blog The Right Word. A few weeks ago we sat down to talk Moon Cave, check out the interview here!

Werq Orbiter 3...

Werq Orbiter 3...

Moon Cave in NewsWorks

Howard Shaprio included Moon Cave in his spring preview of Philly Theatre:

"Douglas Williams, Azuka Theatre's playwright-in-residence, examines the vagaries of notoriety in this Azuka world premiere about a guy who keeps out of public view after a childhood trauma that may lead people to recognize him. Then he meets a gal and...what does he tell her and what does he not? It's at Off-Broad Street Theater, March 4-22."

Sounds about right. We start rehearsals in 19 days! Whaaaaaaat?

This is not my play, this is Michael Hollinger's play

This is not my play, this is Michael Hollinger's play